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May 22, 2002 - Osborne County, Kansas

Today went quite nicely, after the difficulty in choosing the target
area. I kept debating to myself how far south and west I wanted to go. I
ended up with a target of Hebron, NE. We departed DSM around noon. Stopped
in Lincoln for data and a quick snack. We then headed south on 81 to
Hebron. Looking at data, I wanted to get farther west and south, so we
headed down to Concordia, and then went west on 24. We were watching the
Smith County storm for a while, but then opted for the new storm to the
south, in Osborne County. We sat at the intersection of 24 and 281 for some
time, and then headed south to the south side of Osborne. No more than 5
minutes after we headed south, a TOR warning was issued for the cell to the
north. We decided to stay with the new-now larger cell on radar. We set up
just south of the city of Osborne. Saw a lot of nice scud action, at one
point pulling up into what looked like a wall cloud for a good 15 minutes.
The scud action was really intense, I could understand why someone thought
they saw a tornado with it.

Once it got dark, we headed south a ways in hopes of some lightning
photography. After that we headed to Wichita, where we stayed the night.
Looks like we shouldn't have much driving to do today.